BOOM Art Studio is a Qatari-owned and managed creative studio. We specialize in personal photography and video services.

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 In the first place, BOOM Art Studio represents a unique point where international creative team captures the local beauty. Our staff consists only of highly experienced and thoughtful photography and video experts. We have accepted only the best artists from Europe and Asia in search for an ultimate creative challenge. 
In addition, BOOM Art Studio owns and uses a state-of-the-art studio where the creative team performs its visual magic. When it comes to our work and our customers’ expectations we use only the latest technology in the industry, such at the prestigious 4K technology and well-known brand names, such as Sony, Canon, and similar. 
​We understand that personalized services, such as this one, require a delicate touch and flawless working ethics. You can rest assured that every member of our team is a true professional with a proven track record. We are talking about the decades of successful and satisfactory work in the field of photography and video services. 

BOOM Art Studio is the best guarantee that your special moments are going to be captured in a thoughtful, discrete, and professional way. 


BOOM Art Studio is a Qatari-owned and managed creative studio.

This means that every aspect of local culture and tradition is respected in the best possible way. We truly understand and respect the legitimate demand of local community to be very sensitive when it comes to the filming of private and intimate family events. This is the very reason we’re rigorously selective and extremely demanding when it comes to our staff.

Our respect for the local culture and tradition is the cornerstone of our business policy and working ethics. That’s why only female videographers and photographers are allowed to work on the most delicate and sensitive projects. In addition, we have a female-only division in our studio that’s in charge of video and image post-production work.

We also have to emphasize the fact that our client’s privacy, safety, and discretion, are our top priorities. Needless to say that all of your religious, cultural, and traditional requirements will be respected and fulfilled in a complete accordance with your instructions.

Your special moments deserve the special treatment and care